Rundum Storytelling

What is storytelling?

Since time immemorial, people have been telling each other stories in order to pass on their knowledge to one another, to awaken compassion and thereby to ensure survival. The reason for this lies in their power to make experiential knowledge, thoughts and feelings vivid - and this can move mountains. Stories can help to make solutions comprehensible, to enlighten, and to trigger learning and change processes. But storytelling is much more: It also stands for inspiration, fun and creativity!

What is „Digital Storytelling“?

„Short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart.“ (Daniel Meadows)

Digital storytelling is the modern extension of the traditional art of storytelling through digital images and sound. The focus of the 2-3 minute video stories is one's own voice. Digital Storytelling celebrates personal life stories in an impressive way and conveys lasting impressions of individual experiences and feelings.


StoryAtelier explores your stories with you, makes them shine and shows you how to use them effectively.

Whether in a customized workshop for closed groups, train-the-trainer, storytelling training for campaigns & communications, or open biography workshop: We give people of all backgrounds the space, knowledge, and technology in order to

  • tell their own personal stories in word, image and sound
  • unearth, shape and spread stories that matter
  • to design storytelling interventions and events

StoryAtelier addresses all people and every field of action in education, health and social services: Elderly and youth care. Patient and family assistance, for social institutions, educational institutions, self-help groups, private individuals and many other actors.

Storytelling workshops and keynotes
StoryUp Your Artefact®
Open biography workshop
Self-mediation coaching
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Digital Storytelling

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Each request is individual - depending on context, urgency, content, effort or number of participants. Our cost estimate is correspondingly individual. In a joint discussion, we openly and transparently clarify mutual needs and conditions. There are no hidden positions and no surprises. Since many projects depend on subsidies and tenders, we are happy to help with the application process.

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